Monographic orders

Our book department is ever ready to handle all orders for italian publications.
We supply italian books published in italian and if available in english.
We provide all the italian publications as books or CD ROM's without any publication date limitations.
Your orders can be placed by mail, fax or e-mail.
Special attention is given to all cultural publishing which today is penalized by a difficult and complicated distribution situation.
We do particular searching for small and local publishing that is sometimes non-commercial because it is published from academic institutions or editors themselves. We charge no extra for this service as long as such orders do not exceed a reasonable proportion of the total customer orders.
All the orders received are immediately processed. If titles ordered are out of print or any information given in title or price is different, we report immediately to the customer.
We search the out of print titles as second hand copies or at local bookshops. If found we supply them. If the price is over lire 100.000 and exceeds 50% that quoted on your order slip, or if no price limit has been given and the price is considered too high, we notify the new price awaiting your reply. We suggest prompt confirmation of such offers before the copy becomes unavailable.
For the latest news on italian monographic publications please visit our page at LGNBookNews (weekly updated).