Nardecchia's services to libraries

Since 1895 The Nardecchia Bookstore researches and posts monographs, collections and periodical publications to university libraries, public libraries and academic institutions all over the world.
Book orders, standing orders, subscriptions to periodicals and orders for back issues for all Italian publications are accurately handled by qualified staff.
We pay special attention to cultural publishing which today in Italy is penalized by a difficult and complicated distribution situation.
The method used by us is a result of 100 years of experience operating in this specific field. The following pages offer full details of our services.

Bibliographical service:

We offer a comprehensive bibliographical information service to all our customers free of charge. The new publications of italian periodicals, serials and monographs are offered in a choice of two different instruments:
  • as photocopy of titlepage and index
  • as monthly newsletter via email which will be sent according to each library dept. and/or selector specialization (in order to join our newsletter please join our "Libermail newsletter" on

These 2 instruments offers complete bibliographical information on new titles published in Italy taken directly from the book.
Each instrument includes :
  • Author
  • Title
  • ISBN Number
  • Publisher, city and publication date
  • Official price
  • Dewey classification.
  • No. of pages, size, illustrations, series, binding.

To order the titles offered as photocopy of titlepage just quote the title of the publication.
For the titles offered through our newsletter via email you may just click on each link of the card or on the bookcover image in order to be directly connected to our web site "Liberdomus" where you will be able to process directly your order. Please note that special conditions are offered to Libraries registered on our Liberdomus webpage.

Materials supplied:

We supply the following italian material from all subject areas without no publication date limitations:

Monographs, serials and supplemented books, periodicals, annuals, goverment publications, non-trade publications (local history), CD ROMs. up


We search for obscure and local or non-commercial published works. Many Italian academic institutions do not publicise their material which can make it difficult to find.
We specialise in supplying cultural publishing and small and locally works published by local publishers or even individuals .
This service is offered free of charge as long as such orders do not exceed a reasonable proportion of the customer's total orders.
If your library is interested, please contact us for further information. up

Back issues, sample issues:

On request we can supply single issues lacking in your library or complete sets of back issues. We have the largest stock of italian periodicals in the world.
The bookstore has a tradition of over 100 years in researching rare and antique books and periodicals. Your orders for back issues of all italian publications will be accurately handled by qualified staff.
Sample issues can be supplied free of charge where publishers will allow it, or will be charged at the lowest price possible.
Our bookstore offers a comprehensive information on all new italian periodicals by sending photocopies of titlepages or bibliographic cards separated in different subject areas according to the customers specific requirements. up


Upon request, monograph series and yearly publications may be bound.
The binding is made by expert artisan class, working for us since the very beginning of the Nardecchia Bookstore's activity.
All the bindings are hand-made, with particular care for the sewing and gilding.
We keep a rubbing of these bindings in order to allow you to have the same format and handset gilt impressions on the volumes componing each series . up

New orders, renewals, cancellations:

Our firm is ever ready to handle all orders for any Italian publication.
Book orders, standing orders, subscriptions to periodicals can be placed with us by mail on the library's own order forms or sending back our bibliographical card; by fax or e-mail. We process all new orders immediately and give priority to rush orders by ordering them via fax or e-mail to the publisher and shipping them via air-mail. For the latest information on new italian publications, please visit our weekly updated catalogue
Authorisation to cancel monographic orders and serials should always be requested as the material could already be on the way. Please send cancellations through e-mail or fax.
In order to avoid gaps or delays in your collections we pay the periodical subscriptions each November for the following year.
Therefore cancellations of subscriptions should be sent before November of any year in order to be effective the following year. We are not prepared to accept cancellations for the current subscription year.
Please consider that it is standard practice for publishers not to accept cancellations that has already been paid. up

Claims, reports, returns:

Many italian titles are published by very small publishers and suffers a difficult and complicated distribution situation.
Claims are handled by qualified staff that contact, when necessary, directly by phone (as many italian publishers do not have an e-mail adress or even a fax), the publisher or editorial board in order to give you quick and correct response.
As all subscriptions to periodicals as well as serials and monographic orders, go through us, we generally avoid you to claim because we have the opportunity to check the material as it comes in, to discard and replace defective or damaged issues before supplying them to you thus avoiding issues to become out of print.
Reports are answered weekly via air-mail or daily via e-mail if adress is supplied.
Returns for monograph firm orders, serials and periodicals may be done by returning copy of the invoice where title has been deleted within 90 days from invoice date, if there has been an error on our part. Price can be deducted if material is returned. For all other returns, authorisation is always required before returning the material. up

Corresponding languages:

Our staff will be pleased to answer at your correspondence in english, german and italian. up

Notification policy for price increases:

Notification of price increases is given, if price is shown on order slip originated by customer, for material over Italian lire 100.000 in case of 50% price increase.
Any specific instructions are welcome, please contact us. up


All the material collected is supplied with invoice in triplicate. Two copies of the invoice are generally sent by air-mail if no other specific instructions are given.
Starting from 2007, we have added to our invoicing services also the delivery of EDI according to Voyager/Ex Libris and Innovative/Millennium standards. If your library is using one of these standards we would be more than happy to arrange with your technical staff the necessary settings in order to let you download automatically the invoices from our FTP Server.
Our customers pay only the publishers list price without commissions. Our invoices are very clear, we allow plenty of space for each title and numbering of volumes and include all your references. We invoice in alphabetical sequence in different groups of monographs, standing orders, periodicals, annuals and split by fund if requested. Any specific invoicing or delivery instructions that your administrative procedures require will be followed.
The periodicals are billed annually and the relevant invoices are issued only on the date of shipment of the first issue (or volume) of the new year avoiding the library to pay in advance for issues that have still to be published thus allowing us to check the new subscription price and avoiding any second charge and supplemental invoices for price increases.
This service allows our customers to pay the subscription price only when the first number of the subscription year is received and not months in advance because of delayed publication of many Italian periodicals. up

Payment terms:

Payments of invoices should be done within 90 days from invoice date. Statements are sent with quarterly frequency.
Instructions for currency and payment method are shown on our invoices.
To all customers that wish to prepay we offer particular discounts and prepayment policies, please contact us for further details. up

LGN Selection/Approval Plan

For over 100 years, LIBRERIA NARDECCHIA has been providing services to universities and scholalrly institutions worldwide, with the aim of supporting research and acquisition of printed material from Italy.

Our selection program provides notification of current Italian pubblications covering all the subject areas, with particular emphasis on Religion, Philosophy, Philology, the Arts, Italian Literature
and History (ancient and local history). Approximately 4.000 titles are represented in our selection program each year.
The titles offered in our selection program may be sent (on request) automatically on approval; please contact us for further details. up

Shipping and handling:

The material collected for our customers is expertly packaged by qualified book packers in cardboard cartons lined with corrugated paper and special water-proof material bound with vinyl strapping.
We ship the material on a weekly basis by registered mail which is much cheaper and safer than the regular postage system.
The registered parcels are limited to 5 kilos each. If the shipment is composed of more than one parcel, we mark each parcel with the following stamp:


and write on the invoice how many parcels was sent.One copy of the invoice is always in the parcel No 1 together with the list of due periodicals (on continuation) sent, and two copies are sent separately by air-mail .
This gives you the opportinity, when receiving our shipment, to check the invoice for the number of parcels in the shipment, and to sign on the invoice all the parcels coming in. This saves you time by eliminating unnecessary claiming if some parcels are yet to be delivered. We suggest to claim for undelivered material not before all the parcels componing a shipment has been received, as it can happen that a shipment composed of many parcels will not arrive on the same day.